CIC (Community Interest Company)

Kingswood Shetlands & Friends became a CIC company in 2020. A community interest company (CIC) is a non-charitable limited company set up with the purpose of benefiting a community or pursuing a social purpose. We are NOT FOR PROFIT.

The reason we chose to do this is because the last four years, we have been in business and we were just breaking even and not making a profit. We have given our services for free to many community settings and have seen the difference the animals make to so many lives. Running an animal therapy company is costly and a full time commitment. The insurances, compliances for safeguarding and data protection, keeping of the animals including regular vet fees, food and the cost of where the animals live all mount up. Our animals benefit so many people from young to old within the community that it wasn’t an option to give up what we were doing. So this was the way forward for us. We are sponsored by some amazing companies and individuals who believe in what we do and we cannot thank them enough for this. We have volunteers who help us care and keep the animals in prime condition (also giving us a little well-earned break) they in return get lots of cuddles and the feeling that they are helping to give back to the community. We rely on funding to come in and fundraising events which many people have run on our behalf.

If you know of any companies or individuals who would like to support our cause either by organising fundraisers, donating monthly or yearly then please contact us. All monies go towards community projects working with disadvantaged children within Surrey. These young people have many individual needs, from mental health conditions, trauma, ASD and many others.

Please contact us on