Meet the Animals

Shetland ponies are the smallest breed of horse, originating in the Shetland Islands some 200 miles north of Scotland. The most popular of the ponies, they have a gentle disposition and a therefore a favourite for children.


Their official size is less than 117cm high, their coat is characteristically long and shaggy and may be different colours, although many Shetland ponies have irregular dark and white patches.


Our Sweet Boy

One of our original ponies. He loves his food, especially carrots. 

He really enjoys having his Maine brushed. 

Our Newest Pony

Teeny Tinkerbelle

Tinkerbelle joined us in February 2020. She is the tiniest of all our ponies.

Tink is currently learning to become a therapy animal.


A little treasure!

Blossom is super sweet and one of the most friendliest ponies you will ever meet.

She is very patient, loves lots of cuddles and will fall asleep with her head in your lap.

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Mr Cool

Biscuit is one cool pony. He is small and very friendly.

He loves being brushed and taking small children for a ride.


A very special pony

Dotty was born blind in one eye and had an uncertain future.

She is a very friendly pony and loves therapy sessions where she can get lots of cuddles.

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